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The thrill of High Adventure Bases runs far and wide across America, and nobody in the world is better at sharing those experiences than the Scouts. Nobody.

Nobody offers more exhilarating or a wider variety of high adventure for young people than the Boy Scouts of America. Through high adventure experiences, The Boy Scouts of America leaves lasting memories with youth and fosters development in character and leadership.

Challenge yourself at BSA's High Adventure Bases. From the aquatic adventures of Florida Sea Base (Florida) to the canoeing or winter camping challenge of Northern Tier (Minnesota & Canada), from the backpacking expeditions at Philmont Scout Ranch (New Mexico) to the adventure sports programs at The Summit Bechtel Reserve (West Virginia), these experiences will shape you and teach you about yourself. Will you answer the call? 

Troop 48 does not have a set schedule of when we visit BSA's High Adventure Bases.  High adventure trips cost significantly more than our monthly trip.  Troop 48 encourages all scouts to "pay their own way" by participating in the individual fundraising opportunities offered by the Troop (Pancake Breakfast, Popcorn Sales), which adds to their individual scout accounts.

Normally Troop 48 tries to schedule a trip every year or so.  Normally, a group of adult volunteers, from within the Troop, will begin the process of scheduling the trip.  First, interest must be gauged (will there be enough scouts to form a crew?).  Once there are enough scouts and adults to form a crew(s), the process of scheduling the dates, travel arrangements and accommodations begins.  In preparation for the trip, other activities will happen.  Adults that will lead the trip will attend training in various subjects.  Scouts and adults will participate in pre-trip events, or "shake downs".

High Adventure trips only happen through the efforts of our adult volunteers.  Don't feel overwhelmed about the process.  The adult that have led trips are always willing to offer advice.

Age Requirements:

  • Florida Sea Base - 13 years old & graduated 8th grade or 14 by 9/1 (year of trip)

  • Northern Tier - 13 years old & graduated 8th grade or 14 by 9/1 (year of trip)

  • Philmont Scout Ranch - 13 years old & graduated 8th grade or 14 by 9/1 (year of trip)

  • The Summit - 13 years old by 9/1 (year of trip) - *Some courses have older age requirements

Past Trips:

  • Florida Sea Base - 2009, 2017

  • Philmont Scout Ranch - 2008, 2012, 2016 

Upcoming Trips:

  • Philmont Scout Ranch - 2020

Troop 48

Medford Lakes, NJ

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