The mission of Scouts BSA and Troop 48, is to instill values, build character and develop leadership skills in young men and women.  Troop 48 seeks to be a scout-led troop that practices the Patrol Method, with adult leaders in support roles.  We are an active troop, with older scouts (up to age 18) who are expected to mentor younger scouts, and lead by example.  All scouts are encouraged to follow the ideals of the Scout Oath, the Scout Law and the Outdoor Code.


Troop 48 consists of 2 troops, Troop 48 for Boys and Troop 48 for Girls. Both troops are chartered by the Lions Club of Medford Lakes.


Troop 48 is part of the Quakesen District, one of five districts within the Garden State Council of the Boy Scouts of America  Troop 48 has roots in Boy Scouting in Medford Lakes of more than 35 years.

Troop 48’s currently registered scouts live in Medford Lakes and five other nearby towns. The all-volunteer adult leaders come to Troop 48 from area Packs, as their children joined Troop 48, and they work with the Troop Committee to help enable a Scout-Led Troop.

During Troop 48's history, 100 Scouts have earned their Eagle Scout rank.

Merit Badge Counselors

Troop 48's adults offer 30+ merit badges (14 Eagle required*) in the following topics:

American Business





Citizenship in the Community*

Citizenship in the Nation*

Citizenship in the World*



Crime Prevention


Digital Technology

Disabilities Awareness

Dog Care

Emergency Preparedness*

Environmental Science*

Family Life*


Fire Safety

First Aid*

Fish and Wildlife





Motor Boating

Personal Management*

Personal Fitness*


Pulp and Paper







Traffic Safety

Please contact the Troop 48 Advancement Chair for the name of a counselor and a "Blue Card".

When We Meet

  • Regular meeting are held on Wednesday evenings from 7:15 until 8:30.  

  • PLC meets on the first Sunday of each month in the afternoon.  

  • Troop Committee meets the first Monday evening of the month.


During the school year, we try to adhere to a "no school, no scouts" policy.  If there is no school that day, we will not have a scout meeting that evening.  Occasionally, we may need to have the meeting if we are in the midst of planning an event/trip.

Where We Meet

The Troop splits it's time between two meeting locations in Medford Lakes.  During basketball season, the troop meets in Memorial Hall at the Protestant Community Church on Stokes Road.  For the remainder of the year, the Troop meets at Vaughan Hall on Tecumseh Trail.  Special meetings (PLC, Committee, etc.) may be held at other locations such as Demby Annex, Todd Building, and the PCC Library.

​Vaughan Hall and Demby Annex

79 Tecumseh Trail, Medford Lakes, NJ

​Memorial Hall

7100 Stokes Road, Medford Lakes, NJ

Troop 48

Medford Lakes, NJ

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