The Troop's summer camp program is an integral part of a scout's Trail to Eagle.  The week long adventure affords plenty of time to accomplish many of the activities required for advancement.  In order to introduce variety into the program and keep the scouts interested from year to year,  the Scout Leaders have selected a triad of Scout Camps for the boys to attend.
The current roster includes the following locations (click on the logos to visit their website):​

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Forestburg, NY

Pipersville, PA

East Stroudsburg, PA


About Ockanickon

Camp Ockanickon is approximately 240 acres in size and offers one of the largest merit badge programs in the Northeast Region with 80 badges offered at summer camp. The outdoor adventure program includes rock climbing at Ralph Stover State Park,  mountain biking on Cannondale bikes, and riding on MBS mountain boards. A Dan Beard Program uniquely designed for training in the Tenderfoot to First Class requirements is offered to first-year campers.

Dan Beard Program

Dan Beard is our 1st-year camper program for new Scouts. It is designed to give new Scouts an opportunity to earn a number of the rank requirements from Tenderfoot, 2nd, and 1st Class Ranks. It also gives the Scouts a chance to earn Art Merit Badge, and also cover Instructional Swim or Swimming Merit Badge, depending on their swimming ability at the beginning of the week. This program also teaches the Scouts about the patrol method, which Scouting is all about. Scouts will also learn about a knife, an axe, and saw safety and earn their Totin’ Chip during their time in Dan Beard. Dan Beard is an all day program and the participants should attend both the morning and afternoon sessions each day.

Summer Camp Contact Info

​​Adult In Charge (On-Site):

Mr. Rimback, Scoutmaster

(609) 923-1371

Leaders/Adults (On-Site):

Boys Troop
Mr. Rimback, Scoutmaster 
(609) 923-1371


Mr. Curran, ASM

(609) 923-0459

Girls Troop
Mrs. Eckel, Scoutmaster
(609) 975-4800

Ms. Tarquini, ASM

(856) 810-7407

Committee Members

Mrs. Rimback

(609) 923-5650


Mr. Adams

(609) 760-4129

At-Home Contact:

Mr. Rudberg

(609) 284-7890

5787 State Park Rd
Pipersville, PA 18947
(215) 297-5290

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Troop 48

Medford Lakes, NJ